• Water with the juice of one freshly squeezed lemon mixed with fresh or powdered turmeric
  • 30 minutes of a fast (and fasted) walk — during Covid, I discovered that a 30 minute fast walk, preferably in the sun, gives me a shot of extreme energy for the day and I’ve not stopped since
  • Coffee, MCT oil and ghee — to which I also add collagen, organic cocoa, cinnamon and adaptogenic mushrooms including lion’s mane chaga. I leave 1–1.5 hours between the time I wake up and my coffee
  • 5 minutes of Qigong tapping to increase blood and energy flow, relieve stress, stimulate the lymphatic system and eliminate negative energy and toxins
  • 5 minutes of the Eric Goodman foundation training
  • 2 minutes of an ice bath in my 550L retrofitted fridge (usually in evening instead of right after my morning workout)
  • 3–4x a week 30–45 minutes of high intensity training, either at home or at my crossfit gym
  • 3x a week 15 minutes of the Wim Hof breathing technique
  • 2x a week yoga
  • 2x a week / weekends hiking or nature walk, if my environment allows
  • 1x a week foam rolling or whole body massage

Before I head out for my morning activity, I strap on my Apollo Neuro vagus nerve activator. It is supposed to improve your body’s resilience to stress and maximise recovery so you can perform at your highest ability. I can’t vouch for it yet, but at least the placebo effect gives me that morning boost I need to start my day. I do my 30 minute fast walk, after which I dedicate my time to some movement, recovery and breathwork — which varies a bit from day-to-day.


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